My Thoughts …


Thoughts are what creates reality,

Thoughts are what destroys reality.

Thoughts are endless.

Thoughts are powerful.

Thoughts are strange, very strange.



The Alchemist

Paulo CoelhoToday is the birthday of one of the most influential authors in the world, Paulo Coelho.

He shot to fame after writing The Alchemist which was published first in 1988, but received worldwide recognition much later. His other famous books include, The PilgrimageThe Valkyries, Brida, and Eleven Minutes, with Manuscript Found In Accra, being his latest publication.

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The Master Of Suspense

Alfred HitchcockAlfred Hitchcock, aka The Master Of Suspense, was born on 13 August 1899.

He has been responsible for scaring generations of moviegoers since the 1940s and his films still continue to be rated as the best suspense movies ever. His movies are famous not only for their plots, but they are works of art with respect to cinematography, script, direction, editing and whatnot. Also, almost every movie of his, has a cameo appearance of his in some scene or the other.

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